E-Commerce Websites and Solutions

Ecommerce websites and solutions are associated with buying and selling products online. Today ecommerce or electronic commerce can be defined as any social transaction made on the internet. So if you have bought something online that is physical or electronic, then you have engaged in ecommerce. This can include:

  • Buying directly or buying through affiliates or agents
  • Selling on your website or through social networking sites, auction sites and many more

Ecommerce could be between businesses and customers, businesses and other businesses and also it could be among customers. Ecommerce provides a simple platform for businesses worldwide. Gone are the days when a business is confined to a city. Ecommerce is huge and it’s growing. The major types of ecommerce based on the nature of transactions are:

  • Business-to-consumer(B2C)

This involves ecommerce between business and consumers, involves customers gathering information, purchasing physical goods or information goods.

  • Business-to-Business(B2B)

It is simply defined as the ecommerce between companies. This is the type of ecommerce that deals with relationship between and among businesses. About 80% of ecommerce is of this type.

  • Consumer-to-Consumer(C2C)

Using C2C ecommerce consumers sell directly to other consumers using the internet and other web technologies.

  • Consumer-to-Business(C2B)

It evolves individuals selling to businesses may include a service product that consumer is willing to sell. Individuals offer certain prices for specific products or services.

  • Business-to-Government(B2G)

Generally defined as the ecommerce between companies and the public sector.

  • Mobile Commerce(m-commerce)

It is the buying and selling of goods through wireless devices.

The web plays an important role for transacting business. It is little surprise that online retail is at its peak in sales performance. Each year it only seems to be growing by leaps and bounds.

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